The Purpose of Life Insurance

The Purpose of Life Asuransi are : 
1. For Public or Social 
Life insurance can provide certain benefits to the individual or public, that is :
a. Reassure families (husband / father), in the sense of giving income security, education, if the husband or father died.
b. By purchasing a life insurance policy can be used for saving money.
c. As a source of income (earning power)
This earns we see nations which has gone forward, someone who is " key" intracorporate will be insured by the company work.

What is Life Insurance ?

In life insurance underwritten is which caused by death. The death of a person resulting in loss of income or a particular family.
Risks that may arise in the life insurance mainly lies in element of time, therefore, it is difficult to know when someone dies. To minimize the risk, life insurance should be held.
What is a life insurance?
Definition of life insurance is insurance that aims to bear the financial losses due to unexpected death or life too fast for too long.
Here illustrated that in life insurance, risks are: 
1. The risk of death.
2. One's life for too long.
This is, of course, will bring a lot of aspects, if the risks inherent in a person not insured by life insurance companies.